Latest Games

Earth Revival-CPY

There are games that pit you against the elements in tough battles for survival. Then there are games that take you on a grand sci-fi adventure with your friends. But what if there was a game that let you do… (Read more)


With MyGM, take the reins of a weekly show and compete against rival general managers for brand supremacy. Now featuring more GMs to choose from, additional show options, multiple seasons, expanded match cards, and more match types for up to… (Read more)

Silent Hill Townfall-CPY

After a decade, Silent Hill is back with not one, but three new games. Konami hosted a Silent Hill Transmission, finally announcing more projects in the series, including Silent Hill: Townfall. Thisgame aims to do something different, while staying true… (Read more)

Nobody’s Left-CPY

Nobody’s Left, the Last of Us-inspired game from solitary Iranian developer Mo Khakzad/Mad Rain Studio, has received a new 12-minute gameplay trailer. You play as a bounty hunter who is caught up in a war between two major factions and… (Read more)

Fear Effect Reinvented-CPY

Iconic adventure-horror with reinvented gameplay, graphics, and controls. Original story expanded to three separate campaigns. Modern third-person perspective camera. Play as Hana Tsu-Vachel, Royce Glas, or Deke and unravel all secrets of demonic conspiracy. From cover-based battle system to survival… (Read more)

Layers of Fears-CPY

Your home becomes a nightmarish, labyrinthine dungeon of impossible architecture. Doorways materialize out of nowhere, new hallways form mid-turn, and reminders of the horrible lengths you’ve gone to for your art await around every corner. Created with the cutting-edge Unreal… (Read more)

Digimon World Next Order-CPY

Players can increase the bond between their Digimon and themselves by praising, scolding, feeding, or offering items. Together, they travel through various environments completing objectives and advancing the story by interacting with non-player characters and battling enemy Digimon they encounter… (Read more)


A rhythm action game, Hi-Fi Rush has players performing moves to add layers to the music. The more you flow with the beat, the better you can perform abilities. Everything syncs up with the music as you play. The game… (Read more)

Rise of the Ronin-CPY

Here in this time of mayhem, you embody a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make choices of its own. Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in… (Read more)

The Callisto Protocol-CPY

The Callisto Protocol is the new horror project from Dead Space creators. It’s also sort of a PUBG game. The third-person game is being developed at Striking Distance, a studio headed up by industry veteran and Dead Space co-creator Glen… (Read more)