Ori and the Will of the Wisps-CPY

From the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest – the acclaimed adventure game with more than 50 awards and nominations – comes the highly-anticipated sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Embark on an all-new adventure in a… (Read more)

Project Resistance-CPY

A group of youths with different backgrounds who were captured by Umbrella for use in its experiments. They only have one objective: escape. Survivors will need to use their unique skills effectively to cover each other and defeat the creatures… (Read more)

MotoGP 20-CPY

You can count on a complete team of professionals, such as your Personal Manager, the Chief Engineer and the Data Analyst. Their role will be essential to find engagements, collect your racing data and develop the bike. Wanna find out… (Read more)


All the riders, bikes and teams of the 2019 MXGP and MX2 championships are ready to challenge you in the season’s official races, taking place all around the world.From Neuquen to Shanghai, experience the thrills of the races that have… (Read more)

Nioh 2-CPY

Nioh 2 is an action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja. It was first released worldwide in February 2017, and was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally, and Koei Tecmo in Japan. An edition for both PS4 and Microsoft… (Read more)


Depending on the actions, interactions, and decisions made by the player throughout the whole game, the stances characters take can change, which has an influence on the continuation of the story as dialogues and quest lines will be changed. The… (Read more)

Yakuza Like a Dragon-CPY

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is much more than just a new chapter in the Yakuza series. Much like the new English title itself, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a complete reimagining of the franchise, a landmark to coincide with the… (Read more)

Farming Simulator 20-CPY

Prepare your fields and sow them. Then, take good care of them until it’s harvest time! Fill up your silos and sell your products on the dynamic market and grow your farm even further. Drive other famous farming brands such… (Read more)

Moons of Madness-CPY

Soon you discover strange and unusual setbacks. Crucial systems are malfunctioning, the greenhouse is filled with a strange mist and the rest of your team has yet to return from their EVA mission. The message confounded Orochi scientists. Their analysts… (Read more)

Ghost of Tsushima-CPY

Jin was raised and trained in the ways of the samurai. When the Mongols handily defeat the samurai forces, Jin’s world is shattered. He is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: honor the tradition and customs of… (Read more)