Prepare for intense and intimate combat encounters as you engage in brutal close-quarter battles against cosmic lifeforms. The sense of urgency is palpable, and each strike of your blade must be precise and calculated. Your survival depends on it. However,… (Read more)

Sword of the Sea-CPY

In a world where the terrain flows in waves, ride the Hoversword to speed over shifting seas of sand. It controls like a snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard all in one. Build momentum to achieve great speeds and catch big air… (Read more)

Phantom Blade Zero-CPY

Having a decade of mobile development under our belts, we’ve learned to simplify control inputs for touchscreens, giving players ways to execute elaborate moves without mindless “button-mashing.” We’ve taken these lessons and applied them to action gameplay with a controller…. (Read more)


Strap in and take off as Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX soars onto the scene! This enhanced version of Raiden III brings the action to PC, complete with a fresh, high-resolution coat of paint. Choose your game mode, wallpaper, background… (Read more)

Sonic Origins Plus-CPY

As you power on Sonic Origins Plus, get ready to be mesmerized by the brand-new opening and ending animations for each title. From the timeless charm of the Green Hill Zone to the perilous encounters with the Death Egg Robot,… (Read more)

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live-CPY

Build Powerful Decks. You can easily put together incredible decks from your card collection. Innovate and create your next battle-ready deck! With an intuitive deck-building interface, crafting your next battle-ready deck has never been easier. Pokémon Trading Card Game Live… (Read more)

Pixel Ripped 1978-CPY

The latest game in the Pixel Ripped series! Travel back to Pixel Ripped creator Bug’s past at ATARI and team up with Dot on another adventure to defeat the evil Cyblin Lord. In Pixel Ripped 1978, you once again assume… (Read more)

Noob The Factionless-CPY

An appealing graphic direction and “chibi” vibe as a homage to the greatest J-RPGs A true RPG experience with 50+ hours of gameplay, 750+ avatars to interact with and 300+ maps to wander in. Lead a team of adventurers to… (Read more)

Jack Jeanne-CPY

Tamasaka is an opera troupe consisting only of men, who also play women. The troupe owns the Univers Opera School, which raises actors while putting on performances. Every performance invites the audience to an overwhelmingly flashy world and never fails… (Read more)

Harmony The Fall of Reverie-CPY

She soon discovers that she has a gift of clairvoyance that connects her to Reverie, the realm of the Aspirations of Humanity: Glory, Bliss, Power, Chaos, Bond, and Truth. In this world, Polly becomes Harmony, a goddess who has the… (Read more)