A rhythm action game, Hi-Fi Rush has players performing moves to add layers to the music. The more you flow with the beat, the better you can perform abilities. Everything syncs up with the music as you play. The game… (Read more)

Rise of the Ronin-CPY

Here in this time of mayhem, you embody a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make choices of its own. Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in… (Read more)

The Callisto Protocol-CPY

The Callisto Protocol is the new horror project from Dead Space creators. It’s also sort of a PUBG game. The third-person game is being developed at Striking Distance, a studio headed up by industry veteran and Dead Space co-creator Glen… (Read more)

Zenless Zone Zero-CPY

Contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the “Hollows.” They grow exponentially out of thin air, creating disordered dimensions where mysterious monsters dubbed the “Ethereal” roam. New Eridu, the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse,… (Read more)

Need for Speed Unbound-CPY

The world is your canvas in Need for Speed™ Unbound. Prove you have what it takes to win The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge. Across 4 intense weeks of racing, earn enough cash to enter weekly qualifiers, beat the… (Read more)

Atomic Heart-CPY

Atomic Heart’s story is designed to be played solo, but the devs say they’re “thinking about co-op mode”. They’ve kept schtum about what exactly they’re planning. They’ve revealed more concrete plans for PvP multiplayer. “If you are ready to challenge… (Read more)

Marvel’s Midnight Suns-CPY

Team up with your fellow heroes, assess the tactical battlefield, and strategically launch devastating iconic attacks against the forces of darkness. From the creators of the critically acclaimed tactical XCOM series comes a new engaging and deeply customizable battle system… (Read more)

Valkyrie of Phantasm-CPY

A name echoes in her head, and she proclaims. “A Valkyrie Arm…” Sensing the beginnings of an incident, she sighs and looks off in the direction the light came from. She floats up and into the air—and a moment later… (Read more)

Infinity Nikki-CPY

Infinity Nikki is an open-world dress-up game by Papergames. Join Nikki on a fantastic journey, and the power in outfits will find you a path. Infinity Nikki, the latest installment from the Nikki franchise by Papergames, is a brand new… (Read more)

Control 2-CPY

“With Control 2, we’ll take another leap into the unknown. It’ll be an unexpected journey. It’ll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on,” said Control 2’s game director Mikael… (Read more)