Play with Trainers around the world on the Nintendo Switch™ system or on a compatible smartphone (available this September) thanks to cross-platform support. Trainers may use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account on both Nintendo Switch and mobile… (Read more)

Victoria 3-CPY

Use your diplomatic wiles to weave a tangled global web of pacts, relations, alliances, and rivalries to secure your diplomatic position on the world stage. Employ threats, military prowess and bluffs to persuade enemies to back down in conflicts. Expand… (Read more)

Dying Light 2 Stay Human-CPY

Participate in the life of a city engulfed in a new dark era. Discover different paths and hidden passages, as you explore its multiple levels and locations. In Dying Light 2 Stay Human Play in up to four-player co-op. Host… (Read more)

Metal Slug Tactics-CPY

The Peregrine Falcons will have to do everything in their power to make it through the enemy lines and take down Morden before we get further into the war! Donald Morden is back! After a long time being hidden in… (Read more)

Madden NFL 22-CPY

All-new features in Franchise include staff management, an enhanced scenario engine, and weekly strategy. Share avatar progress and player class between Face of The Franchise and The Yard with unified progression. And for the first time ever in Ultimate Team,… (Read more)

Terra Nil-CPY

Terra Nil comes from South African developer Free Lives, the same folks behind Broforce and VR hit Gorn. But unlike those games, which were fun and over-the-top action hits featuring comical gore, Terra Nil is a quieter, more relaxed game… (Read more)

Company of Heroes 3-CPY

Welcome to the Mediterranean – a breathtaking new theatre filled with untold stories of war. Engage ferocious enemy forces across Italian mountain passes, breathtaking coastal vistas and the sweeping deserts of N Africa. Stunning visuals deliver authentic and highly diverse… (Read more)


With new customisation options to make your club stand out in the stands and on the pitch, a new player growth system that puts you in control of your Virtual Pro’s development, and streamlined social play that makes it easier… (Read more)

Forza Horizon 5-CPY

In Forza Horizon 5 explore a world of striking contrast and beauty. Discover living deserts, lush jungles, historic cities, hidden ruins, pristine beaches, vast canyons and a towering snow-capped volcano. Lead breathtaking expeditions across the vibrant and ever-evolving open world… (Read more)

The Sims 4 Cottage Living-CPY

Lot Challenges require fresh ingredients for each meal. Grow produce yourself, visit the village market, or forage in the wild to get them. Enter any oversize crops in the Finchwick Fair competition! Embrace Village Life – Henford-on-Bagley is a cozy… (Read more)