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Nightingale will cast players as a Realmwalker, survivors of a “magical cataclysm.” Players will explore a variety of dangerous realms, accessible by portals, as they search for the last bastion of humanity, the titular city of Nightingale. Realmwalkers will be… (Read more)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre-CPY

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: a multiplayer horror game based on true events then flashes across the screen. Maybe it’s taking a cue from the film, which marketed itself as being based on true events, but the plot was largely fictional… (Read more)

Evil Dead The Game-CPY

Brandish your short barrel shotgun, chainsaw, cleavers and more to do some delightfully gruesome violence against the armies of darkness. Evil Dead: The Game is a video game developed by Saber Interactive and published by Boss Team Games, and based… (Read more)


DNF DUEL takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level with its unique combat system and tactics. Each iconic character has their signature moves and strengths, which are further accentuated by their Awakening effects. Don’t forget to keep… (Read more)


In ’83, peep sight sizes will increase as you move the weapon up to the aiming position, to better replicate the way our eyes actually work, as Jeffery explains. The game pits two large platoons of players against each other… (Read more)

Potion Permit-CPY

Spend time with a faithful companion. You didn’t relocate to Moonbury alone! With you every step of the way is your loyal dog companion. Your pet can help you locate hidden items and point you in the direction of residents… (Read more)

Lies Of P-CPY

You can combine weapons in a multitude of ways to create something new altogether. Research to find the best combinations and make something truly special. The timeless tale of Pinocchio has been reimagined with dark and striking visuals.Set in the… (Read more)

Gestalt Steam & Cinder-CPY

Dash, dodge, and double-jump to keep out of harm’s way and stay in one piece. Wield a furious and fearsome array of abilities and grow stronger with each foe you defeat. Spend experience points to unlock new skills and trade… (Read more)

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe-CPY

In addition, the game has been visually upgraded to reflect modern technology while faithfully preserving the tone of the original game. Accessibility features have also been added to the game, including localization of in-world text, colorblind options, and content warnings…. (Read more)

Clownfield 2042-CPY

Clownfield 2042 mocks the overall gameplay of Battlefield 2042, where you have those famous weather effects like tornados and the franchise’s iconic destruction of the environment, but they have all been implemented in a funny and clunky way. After all,… (Read more)